ZeRi is Dao metaphysics science which through the presence of star energies of individual day offering you selection of favorable date to take opportunity to increase the success of certain activity and effort respectively.

ZeRi or selection of favorable days should be described as a selection of favorable time point for certain specific activity in advance. It is based on knowledge documented by ancient classics. These documents originated from Shang Dynasty (1700 – 1046 B.C.). Emperors have been named by Heavenly Stems; with them the cyclic fluctuation of heavenly energy was recorded (time).

ZeRi or selection of favorable date brings special and valuable messages, what is favorable in a day and how to use it to support our wishes.

History of date selection

Man had turned to the Heaven as early as prehistoric times to obtain useful messages to make his survival easier. Heavenly mechanism is revealed through the cyclic fluctuation of energy, which is named as time today.

Ancient wise men have been learning from the Nature. They found that Heaven (stars, planets, comets…) predicts events, which are materialized on Earth. Primeval knowledge has been preserved by oral tradition from teachers to students through innumerably generations. Then it was written down as chronometers (calendars and clocks) which help us by our daily activities. It is saying: As above so below.

All civilizations have created chronometers, because our life activities depend on time. In spring time work begins on fields. The people go to work every morning. There are certain working days in a year. The people have to work for certain number of years to achieve the retirement ... But if we want to get into essence of time, we have to understand the knowledge of the people from the ancient times.  They have known what to do in the certain part of the year by observing the sky (stars, planets and galaxies), especially they follow the position of Pleiades (Seven Sisters) on the sky. It was normal to begin working by sunrise because there was enough light ...  China is the only continuous civilization, therefore it preserves the secrets and knowledge of following the sky.

Most of the people have taken habits and traditions which actually base on movement of heavenly bodies, but in the meantime they were not able to understand the mechanisms of heaven, so they have gradually distanced themselves from direct connection with Nature. Now the people know that the Sunday is the day of Sun but they somehow don`t feel its energy. They know when May is, but they don`t know which constellations rise and are active through a day and night in this month. So they are deprived for certain useful information, which should strengthen their health, increase their wealth or improve their relationships.

BaziWay calculator and time wheel doesn`t offer final result only, the message of energy available on a certain day considering to person`s activity. It advises the people how heavenly mechanism works. When people realize the support of time (Heaven), then they easier and effectively go through the life.

BaziWay calculator is a tool which helps people to awake them and helps them live a more complete life.