Ten Years Luck Cycles

{stem, branch, hidden stems (main, [additional], [supporting])}



Natal Zi Ping Bazi astrological card tells us about our potentials which we can activate at certain periods  in life. Ten Years Luck Cycles signal us when certain potential will express. Natal Zi Ping Bazi card is Yin because it is unchanging. But Ten Years Luck Cycles are Yang because they are changeable. Ten Years Luck Cycle demonstrates the main energy of certain decade. In this manner we can describe complete life time of individual, his potentials, opportunities, challenges and obstacles.


Ten Years Luck Cycles consist of sixty JaiZi combinations of Ten Heavenly Stems and twelve Earthy Branches involving Hidden Stems.


When you get to know Ten Years Luck Cycles and follow them actively by assistance of BaziWay calculator, you can support important life activities. That simply means that you should set yourself to do matters which Luck offers to you in certain life period. BaziWay calculator enables you to recognize them, so you can prepare yourself to be successful by your efforts. Your success will not depend on your wishes only. There are also some another factors, for instance your diligence, decision, impairment and certainly favorable time period.