Five Elements      

(wood, fire, earth, metal, water)

{strength, number}



Zi Ping Bazi astrology bases on understanding of The Five Elements and their mutual interactions. There are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. We can predict events and situations in the life of individual understanding relationships between The Five Elements.


It is necessary to emphasize what is the meaning of Five Elements. They represent five elementary phases of natural energy, so they are not elements physically. Wood represents energy of grow, it is not wood chair or closet as someone anticipates. There are five planets moving in the vicinity of Earth. They are visible with unaided eye. These five planets represent five elementary energies which create our Destiny and Happiness. These planets are:

  1. Merkur - water pillar
  2. Venera - metal pillar
  3. Mars - fire pillar
  4. Jupiter - wood pillar
  5. Saturn - earth pillar

Ancient wise men have understood that five elementary phases of natural energy have their sources in twenty-eight constellations, while five planets are their transformer station which condenses their subtle energy, before it gets on Earth and our lives respectively. There is saying: »The same on the Sky and Earth or as above so below«.

We have five organs in our bodies (liver, heart, spleen, lings and kidney) which are tanks and transformers of five natural energies. Man is a child of Nature. It means that natural forces, moving planets and universe, are identical with the forces managing and supporting our lives. Man is Nature and Nature is Man.

BaziWay program show you presence, number and general strength of Five Elements in your natal Zi Ping Bazi card.


Ancient wise men have recognized when they observed nature and their own being, that everything happen through five elementary phases of natural energy. They have described them as natural elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Zi Ping Bazi astrology, Feng Shui and Chinese traditional medicine based on understanding of Nature and five phases of natural energy.

Zi Ping Bazi astrology uses five elementary phases of energy to describe everything on life sphere:

  • home, family, education, upbringing, health, forefathers, good name
  • sex, personal strength, self-confidence, team work
  • talents, capability, dreams, intelligentsia, creativity, children
  • income, money, property, possession, relationships, marriage
  • leadership, strength, authority, status, social position

Five elementary phases support or slow down each other. So, the universe keeps everything in balance. We can find out through Zi Ping Bazi astrology which element provides our financial success. If you need Water as element to achieve financial success, you can predict the time of arrival of this element with BaziWay calculator. You could achieve commercial efforts, taking advantage of that time maximally. Zi Ping Bazi astrology gives insight when you should have more opportunities to earn money.

Or, person with Wood Day Master (Jai or Yi Day Master) is impeded with the strong Metal which represents his/her boss, stress, fear or restriction. There is advice for this person to activate and use the water day to convince the boss about his/her overload. Water (element) weakens Metal and at the same time supports Wood. So Water brings to the wood person reinforcement, safety, peace and support and it weakens strong Metal element at the same time. That means for the person less stress from the boss or job.

Five elementary phases are priceless and help us to exceed limitations, fears and weaknesses. They appear within each event.