Day Tong Shu

Day Tong Shu offers basic and general information about influences, which brings them a certain day.
Find your favorable day.




  • year, month, day column:
    {stem, branch, hidden stems (main, [additional], [supporting])}

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  • General description of a day.

General description of a day brings information reminding you on certain goodness which should always make somebody`s or your day. Certain day wakes up some weaknesses which are also presented that you can avoid of unsuitable behavior or troubles coming with such a behavior.

  • List of activities
    very good, good, neutral, negative

General list of activities describes suitable, neutral or unsuitable activities for a certain day.

  • Dong Gong, 12 Officer, Jia Zi combination, 28 Constellation, Fu-Xi hexagram

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  • List of general (impersonal) negative Pillars

List of negative Pillars appearing in a certain day predicts negative or worse result for certain activities which should be avoided.

  • Advantage of Earthy Branches – animals of Chinese horoscope (good/ average/ bad):
    Rat, Ox, Pig

Advantage of a certain day should you check considering to your Earthy Branch – animal of your Chinese horoscope in the year of your birth.

  • For every second hour of a day (00-01, 01-03, 03-05, ……21-23):
    hour assessment (score of points: -2 to 3)

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Description of Symbol


module, symbol, [language]


  • Text description of a symbol.