day pilar


Day column consists of Heavenly Stem and Earthy branch.


There are sixty possible Jia Zi combinations of Heavenly Stem and Earthy branches.



Sixty Jia Zi combinations represent perfect record of mutual actions of subtle and rough energies inside nature and human. This knowledge is used in traditional Chinese medicine, Zi Ping Bazi astrology and Feng Shui for several thousand years. It is an useful signpost to eliminate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual obstacles. It`s a knowledge of energies supporting our existence.

Sixty Jia Zi combinations represent energy structure of person and heavenly influence on his/her life.

They describe all interaction between Heaven and Earth, that means time and place of person`s life. This is a valuable present of our perfect forefathers writing down clear every action of nature and human. They give us an important tool helping us to understand actions of natural energy. Zi Ping Ba Zi astrology uses actively sixty JiaZi combinations, decoding heavenly and earthy influence of Yin and Yang and their manifestation through the five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood.

If you wish to exceed limitation and obstacles being inside your energetic system, destiny and happiness, you can help yourself with the knowledge and usage of Zi Ping Bazi astrology, Feng Shui and BaziWay predictor of valuable days. This is excellent way to achieve goals easier and to exceed different limitations in your life.