day master


The Day Master is a referential point by exploration and analysis of Zi Ping Bazi astrology. It represents our real nature while other symbols (pillars) of the natal Zi Ping Bazi astrological card and Ten Years Luck Cycle represent other people, environment and terms we are situated in.

Day Master is our original spirit; other symbols represent life energy which is at its disposal. We have ten Day Masters: Jia – yang Wood, Yi – yin Wood, Bing – yang Fire, Ding – yin Fire, Wu – yang Earth, Ji – yin Earth, Geng – yang Metal, Xin – yin Metal, Ren – yang Water and Gui – yin Water.

You have to activate virtues of your Day Master to fulfill the mission of your soul to get the key to your happiness and a better life.


Ten Day Masters


Jia – yang Wood is an image of the tree.

Jia – yang Wood person is realistic, well grounded, thoughtful, ambitious and direct.

You are like a tree which gains with growth larger view and insight to the surroundings therefore nothing escapes your attention. The tree offer shadow – protection in front of the strong sun and you reveal this quality being attentive, protective and supportive to your fellow men.

The three traces its way of growth, so you achieve goal with persistence. You are sincere, noble, working, trustworthy and independent.

Beautiful tree has a beautiful crown, so You have to take care of beautiful and flashy hairstyle to get a success.

anger, impulsiveness, recklessness, indiscretion …

generosity, uprightness, benevolence, readiness to help



Yi – yin Wood is an image of gentle plant like a flower, grass, vine, small bush …

Yi – yin Wood person is warm, gentle, idealistic and cooperative.

You are like a flower which is a symbol of grace, generosity and love and you radiate such traits.

Grass grows lush and occupies every fertile place. Similarly you are inventive and you know exactly what you will and how to get it, although showing indecision. You are a born crisis manager and survivor finding the way to survive in the worst circumstances. You are inventive looking for new traits of growth, therefore you have the ability to invent something.

Grass and flowers are more flexible than trees, however you have to maintain flexibility and adaptability. Dance, creativity and art dress up you. Wood needs sun, water and earth to grow and metal to form it, therefore you are natural announcer of people, being successful in networking marketing, sale and generally in relationships with the people.

calculation, manipulation, exploitative …

calculation, manipulation, exploitative …



Bing – yang Fire is an image of strong fire or Sun.

Bing – yang Fire person is generous, vivacious and passionate.

Sun brightens everything, so you as Bing Person are open without secrets and grudges.

Sun brings life and pleasure, therefore you are light-hearted, laughed and stimulating but in your actions upright and noble.

Sun is the only one, so you are self-sufficient, proud, self-satisfied and superior leader.

Sun follows traced cyclic Yellow Path for this reason you are prone to routine. You have to reveal optimism, certainty and returning.

intolerance, emotion exaggeration, impulsiveness, dramatization …

openness, honesty, enthusiasm, unconditional help …



Ding – yin ogenj Fire is image of candle`s flame, fireplace, lamp, street lamp, pulsating star or shine of full Moon.

Fire place is source of warmth and light that is why you give sense of safety, homeliness and coziness as person of Ding Day Master.

You are Ding person enlightening all things, influencing other people and you can them enthuse, motivate and inspire.

Moon, candle or street lamp brighten the path, offer the direction, lead on the right way, therefore you are natural moderator and leader.

Fire on fire place or lamp turn off spending the fuel. Because of your complaisant nature, you can forget to satisfy your needs undergoing to be burnt down. For this reason you have to take care of your health organizing the rest and completing your batteries.

The candle is more conspicuous and useful in the evening. So, you will be more successful organizing your presentations in the evening time.

indecision, shyness, internal unrest, persisting by unimportant things …

indecision, shyness, internal unrest, persisting by unimportant things …



Wu – yang Earth is image of mountain.

Wu – yang Earth person is stable, reliable, honest, loyal and trustworthy.

Mountain is mighty, stable, motionless and steadfast that is why you as person of Wu Day Master have these qualities.

Mountain goes up highly above the surroundings and offers the best view, so you are educated and naturally wise having a simple, grounded and healthy mind.

Mountain has an effect of border therefore you are natural guardian and you need to protect something or somebody. You are trustworthy looking after secrets and never betray them.

It`s difficult to come on the mountain as it`s difficult for you to open up to the people immediately. You love to be alone, while the mountain has a lot of systems inside and therefore is self-sufficient. You accept and entrust somebody when he/she travels the long way proving him/her-self and showing effect. Then you open your treasure. Your inside is like volcano spewing the knowledge: knowledge of World, opinions and emotions. Your treasure comes to light only if you dig it up.

stubbornness, hesitation, delay, self-sufficient …

stubbornness, hesitation, delay, self-sufficient …



Ji – yin Earth is image of fertile soil, humus or sand.

Ji – yin Earth person is kind-hearted, tolerant and inventive.

Ground is stable and sure, therefore you are stable, reliable and trustworthy.

Fertile soil is a base where everything grows and you as Ji – person, are organized, productive and nourishing.

The roll of the soil is to coordinate, to stabilize, to harmonize, to protect, to raise, to feed and to develop. This maternal instinct is your inner demand.

Soil is also a base of every living thing therefore you are devoted and loyal.

Everything on the earth appears spontaneously according to law of nature and you have to trust universe, natural order and be spontaneous.

emotional complexity, indecision, greed …

adaptability, complaisance, kindness, offer support …



Geng – yang Metal is image of a large metal object as iron ore, hammer, hatchet or sword.

Geng – yang Metal person is disciplined, fair, concentrated and effective.

Throughout the life you become strong and sharp person having strong élan to success. You need perfection, and responsibility is your belief, therefore you can be a leader.

Ore is the strongest and the most resistant material on the Earth. So, you are strong and resistant to blows bearing them without complain. Because you believe that certain blows are needed to shape your personality. Similarly as ore under blows of blacksmith becomes useful sword, you are used to work hard. Like a sword you are in condition to fight for justice, brotherhood and mutual help.

Geng person is a hero recognized by courage, decision, unselfishness, loyalty, generosity and gratitude.

You have to persist by outlined goal at least five years. So, you can complete gradual process of self-transformation from ore to sword, to fight for justice and to design and change many of things.

recklessness, impatience, too much pride …

unselfishness, loyalty, decision, justice …



Xin – yin Metal is image of small metal object as knife, scissors or valuable jewelry.

Xin – yin Metal person is sensitive and sophisticated, real contrast of roughness.

Jewelry is human decoration. So, as person with Xin Day Master, you like awards, commendations, respect and status.

Xin Yin Metal is crown on emperor`s forehead and you are considered as a member of royal family. As such you have to radiate adequacy, suitability and elegance. You delight in a role of leader to delegate work and to assign positions.

Knife is sharp and you have a sharp tongue that cuts better than a sharp sword when somebody provokes you. You are resentful and disagreeable opponent because of excellent memory.

In the autumn the nature orients towards inside itself, the Xin person has the same trend. That means you are able to finish things bringing them to the keen result and to the end respectively. Metal symbolizes change, transition and revolution.

You have to live for justice and to learn forgiveness.

stinginess, greed, manipulation, contempt …

sophisticated, elegance, dignified, justice …



Ren – yang Water is image of large water like see, lake or river.

Ren – yang Water person is extrovert, optimistic, inventive and artistic.

Element of water symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, so as Ren person you are intelligent.

Water is very adaptable adjusting to the every form. Similarly you are sociable and adaptable person and you know how to blend with surrounding corresponding to each society.

When water can`t overcome obstacle goes round it therefore you are inventive and enjoy carefree life style.

All waters run to common point, so you are able to join the people.

Water circulates constantly supplying all life of the World and it has to be in movement otherwise it goes off. This is why you are not satisfied with static job, it ruin you. You need movement and you have to move whenever you telephone, work and give a lecture respectively.

Undispersed water has a strong and unstoppable flow; therefore you must have a goal and focus to achieve success.

headstrongness, selfishness, mood swings …

charity, discreetness, wisdom …



Gui – yin Water is image of mild rain, dew, mist, cloud, brook and pond.

Gui – yin Water person is gentle, kind and honest.

Gentle spring`s rain, dew or cloud symbolize gentleness, kindness and childlike pleasure which are your qualities as a person with Gui Day Master.

Rain gives water to plants and all other beings and you are complaisant with strong sense of responsibility. Gui person is an excellent teacher.

Clouds, brooks and rivers have peculiar and changeable form therefore you are changeable and you can`t sit at one place or work on one project. Water circulates constantly supplying all life of the World. Water - Day Master (Ren or Gui) can`t be inactive.

Water has to be in movement otherwise it goes off. This is why you are not satisfied with static job, it ruin you. You need movement and you have to move whenever you telephone, work and give a lecture respectively.

suspicion, timidity, gloominess …

gentleness, carefulness, kindness, complaisance …



The better you know your Day Master better your life will be, because it represents your essence, your real nature and it is your original spirit. If you know what kind of energy fills you, who you are, what is the sense of your life, where you find support and how to be useful for the World, you will support your dipest needs and placate your strong yearning. When you wake up some lulled virtue which is a trait of your Day Master, you have the possibility to exceed some limitation in your life. Day Master is a diamond requiring abrasion to get a brilliant. When you achieve the goals, which are harmonious with your Day Master, you will bring genuine pleasure in your life. Being in peace with yourself, will radiate your inner pleasure and perfection. This is the way to continual satisfaction.

When you live in line with natural virtues without effort, than you have strength to upgrade your life, your original nature and spirit and finish your mission.