There is important saying: »Dao is everything, everything is not Dao!«

Dao is not religion, philosophy or social system, it is not connected with the products of human mind (in it there is nothing connected with products of human mind). But it is subtle essence of all religions, philosophies and social systems. Although it remains unseen, soundless and untouchable, it creates all which is visible, audibly and touchable … When we want to explain what is Dao, it was transformed ages ago already. Silence describes it better.

Before Heaven and Earth were born and before Taiji (highest unlimited) was manifested only a Great Silence existed, Origin of life. Although it hasn`t shape and name and it is made of nothing However, as eternal breath of Dao, It contains everything. This is in its creative subtle energy, Continuous manifestation Named Mystic Mother. In her divine embrace, nourishes every living thing, It is named Dao, subtle origin. Every living thing depends on this subtle origin. From eternal breath of Dao takes up Spontaneity as universal law. Moving and change, Taiji circulate in time and space, And mutual activity of Yin and Yang, Forms all manifestations in relative sphere. That is basic principle of the Universe. This knowledge has been passed on from one generation to another Through our venerable forefathers. Dao is great in all things, complete in all, universal in all, comprehensive in all. This three aspects are different, But in reality they are One.


Dao or subtle truth is final goal of all religions, but it leaves behind itself all religions like clothes of different seasons and places. Dao or subtle route is goal of every real science, however it leaves behind itself all sciences as partial and temporary note of indivisible truth.

Learning of Dao or subtle laws includes all religions, however it is not on the same level as religions. Breadth and depth of Dao or subtle route outshines limitations of religions. Learning of Dao or subtle truth serves all people like religions. However Dao outshines all religions while it contains the essence of all of them.

Learning of Dao or subtle route doesn`t resemble any of sciences while it is above level of individual science.

Learning of Dao or subtle laws is teaching of all learning. But it doesn`t mean that learning depends of master. It means that learning of Dao or subtle truth is similar to universal key which could unlock all doors leading to indivisible truth. Learning of Dao or subtle route offers the truth on direct way.

Learning of Dao or subtle route neither remains on emotional surface of life nor it doesn`t hang about thoughts or belief. It doesn`t reside on intellectual level of life. So, it doesn`t make use of scepticism and infinite search. Learning of Dao or subtle route presents core of subtle truth and help you to achieve it yourself.

Great Master Ni Hua Ching