The core of Zi Ping Bazi astrology


The core of Zi Ping Bazi astrology consists of the basic concept of Chinese philosophy, culture and cosmology: Yin and Yang, five elements, ten Heavenly Stems, twelve Earthy Branches and twelve evolutionary levels.

These cosmic forces represent the matrix of cosmic existence and action. Game of Yin and Yang and the five elements is constant. Immediately when Yang appears, Yin follows; when one energetic phase appears the other one will follow. Order and chaos of the World consists of sequences and interlacements of these cosmic forces in the Productive, Controlling, Weakening and Friendly Cycles. Therefore the view enabled with Bazi astrology and BaziWay is priceless.

Heavenly Stems

The upper part of Zi Ping Bazi card consists of four Heavenly Stems from the ten possible. The Heavenly Stems depict heavenly subtle Yang energy which could be Yin or Yang. Each couple of Yin and Yang belongs to one of the five elements: Jia – Yang Wood, Yi – Yin Wood, Bing – Yang fire, Ding – Yin Fire, Wu – Yang Earth, Ji – Yin Earth, Geng – Yang Metal, Xin – Yin Metal and Ren – Yang Water and Gui – Yin Water.

Earthy branches

The middle part of the Zi Ping Bazi card consists of four Earthy Branches from the twelve possible. The Earthy Branches represent terrestrial, materialized Yin energy and are connected with the Sun, Moon and Earth Orbits. They are represented symbolically with pictures of animals: Zi – rat is Yang Water, Chou-ox is Yin Earth, Yin – tiger is Yang Wood, Mao – rabbit is Yin Wood, Chen – dragon is Yang Earth, Si – snake is Yin Fire, Wu – horse is Yang Fire, Wei – Goat is Yin Earth, Shen – monkey is Yang Metal, You – rooster is Yin Metal, Shu – dog is Yang Earth and Hai – pig is Yin Water. Earthy Branches and Heavenly Stems can be Yang or Yin, and belong to a specific energy of the five elements.

Hidden Stems

At the bottom of Zi Ping Bazi card are Hidden Stems revealing your character, feelings, potentials, talents, competences and relationships.

Levels of evolution

Zi Ping Bazi card also explain the level of your evolutionary energy in this life. There are twelve Levels of Evolution: 1st Birth, 2nd Wash, 3nd Youth, 4th Official, 5th Blossom, 6th Attrition, 7th Illness, 8th Death, 9th Graveyard, 10th Disappearance, 11th Conception and 12th Pregnancy. The first evolutionary level of the soul is the youngest and the twelfth one the oldest.


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  • {stem, branch, hidden stems (the main [further], [support]), evolutionary rate}


1st level;

10 Heavenly Stems represent your external image, how other people see you. They also reflect your visible relationships, events and functions.

2nd level;

10 Heavenly Stems symbolize subtle Qi (life energy) that descends from the sky. Certain Heavenly Stem reigns in the certain time period and it can describe your events, results, successes and failures. When the time period changes, Heavenly Stem (or energetic cycle) also changes. Therefore the change usually happens in your life and people see you in a bit different picture which is better or worse.

3rd level;

10 Heavenly Stems signalize the proper time for certain life opportunities.


1st level;

12 Earthy Branches represent earthly Yin energy. They explain your feelings, thoughts, appearance, home, possible diseases and other hidden »notes«.

2nd level;

12 Earthy Branches take orders from the 10 Heavenly Stems. At the given time period or energetic cycle represented by certain Heavenly Stem, it gives order to the Earthy Branches and then they mutually react to reveal your hidden or suppressed feelings, thoughts or mental states. 

3rd level;

Our senses, feelings and thoughts depend strongly on 12 Earthy Branches. They are mostly internalized until some interactions between Earthy Branches push them out. We can see what attracts us or brings us troubles. With knowledge of the Earthly Branches in our natal Bazi card we can prepare ourselves to control our feelings which could appear unannounced and start like a »forest fire«. 


1st level;

In the 12 Earthy Branches we can find Heavenly Stems, which are called Hidden Stems. This is a marvelous demonstration of the hidden Yang (Heaven) energy inside the Yin (Earth) energy which together symbolically represent a Man as the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

2nd level;

Hidden Stems hold invisible messages of 10 Heavenly Stems, while 12 Earthy Branches carefully shield and take care of them. They reveal our natural character, feelings, potentials, talents and competences. Hidden Stems describe the people which are close to us. That means we can find out our relationships through Hidden Stems. 

3rd level;

By understanding the mutual action of five elementary phases of natural energy (Five Elements) and considering the big and small energetic cycles, we can predict the result of the certain Hidden Stem and relationship, talent or opportunities respectively.