How to use the BaziWay calculator?

BaziWay tutorial

Step #1

Enter your birth information (year, month, day and hour) to create your natal Zi Ping BaZi astrological card, which will be your profile. The BaziWay calculator will recognize you and offer you your most favorable days.

Step #2:

Select an area of activity, where you want to achieve more:

  • business and money
  • health
  • relationships
  • study
  • other

Step #3:

Select the strength and quality of favorable days:

*****Days of the highest quality have five stars

**** Days of very high quality have four stars

*** Days of high quality have three stars

** Days of good quality have two stars

* Still usable days have one star

Favorable days are divided according to the ratio of presence of favorable/unfavorable stars. Days of the highest quality only have favorable stars. Such days are very rare so we also offer other favorable days.

Also see step #7 for further suggestions on how to use this information.

Step #4

Select the time period in which you want favorable dates.

Step #5

Press »calculate« and you will get a partial extract of favorable days. For example, three days in May.

Step #6

Confirm the purchase of selected days to get the complete information regarding the use of a certain favorable day.

Step #7

Now you have information on the quality of the selected days. Days with five stars ***** have the highest quality, days with one star * are still usable but are accompanied by certain adverse stars.

How to best use favorable days?

Step #7a

You will get information on which one of the twelve officers governs a favorable day, so you can easily make an effective strategy (choosing the appropriate action or behavioral pattern) of how you must act in order to achieve the desired result.

Step #7b

You will get information about the presence of negative stars and how to take measures to neutralise them or leave them alone. Certain behaviour arouses negative stars (anger, grudge…).

Step #7c

You could get also information of most inspiring location considering the year stars. You can make Feng Shui activation which brings additional 30 % effect. Feng Shui activation or house acupuncture stimulates favourable energies which are bound to the space at a given time. So, you can activate more opportunities for success.