BaziWay Calculator

The BaziWay Calculator is a personalised tool, which you can use to find your energy supported days for different activities. It searches for the best day to support your health, business, romance, study, family, real estate and finance related activities.

Real Estate

The BaziWay Calculator calculates an energy-supported day that supports you in the desired activity. Therefore, the path to reaching an objective, started on such a day, is shorter, easier and generally obstacle-free.

The BaziWay Calculator follows energy cycles and makes the selection of energy-supported days for every individual; therefore, the calculated days are carefully selected through 96 different parameters. By timing your actions according to your favorable days you can crucially facilitate your work, increase opportunities, ease progress and enjoy your life more.

For each activity, the right moment is very important. If you want to ride on the wave of success, you will need to start at the right moment - when the wave lifts you up. Only this way the wave will carry you without you having to spend any extra energy. Otherwise, you are forced to row or the wave will flood you.

Choosing a favorable day is especially recommended for important decisions, such as:

  • signing a contract,
  • opening and starting a business,
  • getting married,
  • presenting a new product, starting an advertising campaign,
  • starting fairs, congresses and meetings,
  • starting education, starting to write a book, travelling,
  • removing bad energy by demolishing your house,
  • rebuilding and renovating,
  • moving to a new home or office,
  • hiring new coworkers/ establishing a work team,
  • starting an investment,
  • activating favorable personal directions for working, sleeping, better relations, health,…
  • conception of children, adoption, Caesarian section,
  • surgery, starting therapy or diet,
  • funerals(for insuring better health and happiness of the descendants).



The BaziWay Calculator is based on millennia-old Chinese knowledge. Understanding the BaziCharts (natal chart) requires a lot of knowledge and time. It is even harder to connect the characteristics of your BaziChart with the energy cycles of everyday life. For thousands of years, people in the East have been visiting masters to help them interpret BaziCharts and help them find optimal moments in energy cycles. Even in the West, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of these cycles and acting in-sync with these cycles. If you are interested in energy-supported days, you do not need any knowledge of your BaziChart or advice from old masters. In this case, the BaziWay Calculator is the right answer, as it calculates your energy supported days all on its own using the same knowledge the masters use! 

Additional knowledge

If you are interested in additional knowledge and want a detailed interpretation and advice, it is certainly reasonable to examine these thousands of years of knowledge from the East or consulting with an expert. Thousands of years of Chinese knowledge is collected in various disciplines, which we call Chinese metaphysics or »Five arts«.

Basic knowledge of some of these disciplines has been brought together for you: