Zi Ping Bazi astrology is a way to determine and find out our Destiny and Happiness. In the time of our birth the unique energetic combination was activated which could present and explain through our natal Zi Ping Bazi astrological card. So, we need time and place of our birth to find out influence of Heaven/Stars/time and Earth/Feng Shui/location on us.

八 字 Bazi means literally »eight characters«. So, eight characters compose natal Zi Ping Bazi card. Later The Ten Years Luck Cycles were derived from it.

From the beginning of their own realisation the people are wondering, where they are from, what is the purpose of their existence, what is necessary to achieve, what endanger them… and also what skills, competences and talents has an individual, how to set them free and further on to strengthen them.

The people notice that somebody is born in well situated family but other one in poor one. There are people`s opinions:

  • This man is not in luck, or
  • destiny is dedicated to him, or
  • he had luck to get such a beautiful wife, or
  • that fateful day…

Bur if you ask people what is Destiny and Happiness or do you believe in Destiny and Happiness, they agree. Sometimes they don`t know why they believe in them or they deny existence of Destiny and Happiness maintaining that these phrases are generally accepted.

There are people maintaining that all their achievements originate from themselves and others who for all they have express gratitude to external spiritual authority. Who know right from wrong? Is it possible that both are right and at the same time they are wrong? Could there exist both explanations without smallest conflict?

You can see that the birth somehow defines us because we are born inside time and space. But after the birth we have possibility to refine and sublimate our life. It means, we don`t need to experience that which is not the way to self-evolution. Later, when you shall get to know Zi Ping Bazi astrology, you should easier accept, establish or be ready to touch up your life.

  • Zi Ping Bazi astrology doesn`t substitute your virtues, but it shows you on which life areas you need to improve your virtue`s manners to harmonize them.
  • It doesn`t substitute your personal motivation to achieve desired goals. But it shows you how to achieve them in such a manner that you don`t damage your real nature and that the achievement really satisfies you.
  • Zi Ping Bazi astrology doesn`t substitute your sincere effort and readiness of learning to build your life, but it shows you which is your way to self-perfection.

You can much easier prepare your life goals and standpoints, knowing what is your inborn potential. The purpose of Zi Ping Bazi astrology is not fateful view of life, but just inversely because you gain   necessary information which serve you for your self-realisation. Although Zi Ping Bazi card vaguely present some kind of restriction, because it remains unchanged all life. But it is necessary to know that Ten Years Luck Cycles (ten year periods) influence on this inborn energetic combination (natal Zi Ping Bazi card).

History of Zi Ping Bazi astrology

Beginning of Zi Ping Bazi astrology as we know today, is connected with known general Xu Sheng (Xu Zi Ping) in period of Three Kingdom Wei, Shu in Wu (220 – 280 B.C.) His genius brought him many victories over numerically superior enemies.

Considering the other sources, Great Master Xu ZiPing has been daoistic hermit/monk on holy mountain HuaShan in periods of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (from 906 to 960 A.D.).

Before Great Master Xu ZiPing (Xu Sheng), there were wise men which had evolved various methods of calculating Destiny and Happiness using YiJing. Great Master Xu ZiPing has regenerated Bazi astrology so that he moved referential point from year of birth to day of birth. He has made also certain structural changes and he has reduced number of fixed pillars. There were remained only the most important pillars. He has used YiJing by evolving new formulas. So, this form of Bazi astrology is named Zi Ping Bazi astrology.